• Awesome Finds: Stormhaven Techs

    by  • July 16, 2019 • Awesome Finds • 0 Comments

    Illustration from Stormhaven Techs featuring a ghostly figure, a dark skinned woman in a lab coat, and a white male gnome in a lab coatWe love graphics novels, so we were excited to find Stormhaven Techs, which is currently funding for a print graphic novel on Kickstarter!

    Stormhaven Techs is about two technicians who work in the magic department at a high school for mages and knights. One of the characters has a history as an adventurer, which comes back to haunt her now and then. The comic blends humor and action into a fun romp.

    If you want to get a taste of this comic, the individual issues are free here. But if you prefer reading graphic novels over web-based comics, check out the Kickstarter and see if it’s something you might like to back! It runs through August 9th with a modest goal, so check it out soon!

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