Strange Science: 3D Printed Heart

3D printed tissue simulationScientists at Tel Aviv University in Israel have successfully 3D printed a heart using human tissue. This heart has cells, blood vessels, ventricles, and chambers, making it a theoretically functional heart. The materials for this 3D printed heart were taken from a biopsy of fatty tissue, which then had to be processed in order to make the materials necessary for 3D printing.

The current 3D printed heart is smaller than a human heart, but the scientists believe they can make it larger in the future. The printed heart also still needs to be taught to behave like a human heart before it will be usable. Scientists plan to test the 3D printed hearts on animals first, followed by human testing, and hope that within 10 years, this technology will be ready for widespread use.

You can read more about this here! (Special thanks to MSJ alum K. Kitts for sharing this article with us!)

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