Strange Concoctions of the Past

Open book, candle, and copper mixing vesselWe’ve published few stories about alchemy at Mad Scientist Journal, but here are a few selections about mixtures and concoctions just outside of reality.

The Essence of Sprout” by Nick Morrish (an experiment on restoring lost senses)

Old Mother Shudders” by Tom McGee (traditional remedies for lycanthropy)

“The Infernal Bones of Canaan, Mississippi” by Elizabeth S. Berger (one man’s science may be another man’s witchcraft) (available in MSJ Spring 2016 quarterly)

“Traditional Fairy Dust: A Recipe” by Dusty Wallace (where does fairy dust come from?) (available in MSJ Winter 2016 quarterly)

“Therium 99” by Mark Andrew Edwards (experiments in anti-rejection treatment for transplants) (available in MSJ Spring 2012 quarterly)


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