Space Travel Throughout the History of MSJ

A glimpse of the Deep Space Atomic Clock in the middle bay of the General Atomics Orbital Test Bed spacecraft. Image Credit: NASAWe’ve published a lot of science fiction stories involving space travel over the years at Mad Scientist Journal. Here’s just a few of them!

Every Little Star” by Fiona Moore (an alternate history look at 1960s space travel and technology)

“Introduction to the Journal of Interplanetary Lycan Studies, Volume 1” by S. Qiouyi Lu (an different alternate history take on space exploration) (available in Summer 2017 quarterly)

“On Conveying Private Materials and Persons in the Solar System” by Leenna Naidoo (business opportunities in space) (available in Winter 2016 quarterly)

“Hamlet and Ashley” by Leland Neville (intercepted communications and their interpretations) (available in Spring 2015 quarterly)

“The Ghosts of Ganymede” by Suzanne van Rooyen (unusual creatures encountered during space explorations) (available in Spring 2012 quarterly)

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