Previous Abnormal Biologies

Spirobranchus giganteusWe’ve published a number of stories about abnormal biologies, under the guise of xenobiology. Here are a few you might enjoy!

Sacrifice” by Annika Sundberg (everyone’s favorite strange critter, tardigrades!)

“Concerning Your Recent Creation of Sentient Horse-things on the Next Planet Over” by Stewart C. Baker (a feud between scientists gone awry) (available in Winter 2018 quarterly)

“A Brief History of the Human Colonization of Mars” by H. E. Bergeron (history meshed with xenoanthropology and xenobiology) (available in Summer 2017 quarterly)

“The Birds of Ecthalion” by Jaime Babb (extraterrestrial bird-like creatures) (available in Winter 2015 quarterly)

“Carnivorous Fog: Avoidance, Survival, and Eradication Strategies” by K. A. Blaha (dealing with an alien weather phenomenon that might also be a creature) (available in Winter 2014 quarterly)

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