Throwback to Other Strange Things in the Ground

Jawbone of a large land-based mammal on a rocky beachWhile we haven’t published many stories dealing strictly with archaeology at Mad Scientist Journal, we have a few, along with several others detailing other oddities of this planet we call home, and a few a bit farther afield.

Within the Pulse of Darkness” by Lucas Leery (what can be found beneath the surface of the earth in an improbably deep and dark hole?)

“A Sunny Day on the Ziggurat” by Joachim Heijndermans (anthropology and self-defense on another planet) (available in MSJ Winter 2018)

“To Dr. Von Lupe, Concerning the Volcano” by Alanna McFall (reasons for selecting the right scientists for your project) (available in MSJ Summer 2016)

“Recalibrating Archaeological Time Scales” by E. B. Fischadler (proposal for an alternate means of dating archaeological finds) (available in MSJ Winter 2015)

“Who’s Yer Mummy?” by Mike Bryant (Egyptology and action!) (available in MSJ Spring 2012)

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