Raising the Dead from the Archives

Illustration of four men looking aghast about a ghost or ball lightningIf you enjoyed our tale of weird necromancy on Monday, here are a few more stories from the MSJ archives you might also enjoy!

Deddville” by Nicole Tanquary (a town populated by the dead, and one living man)

“There Will Be No Encore” by Darren Ridgley (a reanimated performer unraveling the secrets of his unlife) (available in Winter 2018)

“An Atheist’s Guide to the Afterlife” by J. R. Hampton (how to survive in an afterlife you might not believe in) (available in Autumn 2016)

“The Infernal Bones of Canaan, Mississippi” by Elizabeth S. Berger (talking bones and magic) (available in Spring 2016)

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