More Cryptozoology

Bronze figure of a griffinIf you enjoyed Monday’s cryptozoology story, here are a few more stories you might also enjoy!

How to Build a Pig-Duck” by Rachel Rodman (hybrid and chimera creatures)

The Benefits and Risks of Calorific Fat Cell Inversion” by Denzell Cooper (Lovecraftian critters in a lab setting)

“A Distant Honk” by Holly Schofield (an unusual field of cryptozoological studies) (available in Spring 2018)

“In Defense of a Water-Bound Adventure, My Dearest Fran” by Carrie Cuinn (mythological lake creatures) (available in Spring 2018)

“An Afternoon with Odessa Malko” by Emma Whitehall (a deeper look into the life of a cryptozoologist) (available in Autumn 2017)

“Grimalkin and Hound” by Laura Duerr (werecreatures solving crime) (available in Winter 2017)

“Vestes Uncus, a New Species Found in Several Closets …” by M. Kelly Peach (an unusual species detailed) (available in Summer 2014)

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