I Didn’t Break the Lamp Cover Artist: Luke Spooner

Pursuing a Doctorate at Miskatonic UOur cover artist for I Didn’t Break the Lamp: Historical Accounts of Imaginary Acquaintances is Luke Spooner, aka ‘Carrion House’, who has been working with us from early in the history of Mad Scientist Journal. This will actually be his second anthology cover for us, as he did the memorable and popular cover for Selfies from the End of the World. He’s also done several of our quarterly covers, including Autumn 2015, featuring a girl and her mecha.

If you want to check out some of Luke’s other pieces, here are a few favorites:

The Origins of Chem-Art: A Look into the Manifestation of Final Blush of the Republic” by Sam Jowett

The Werner and Chalsky Event” by Franko Stephens

Pursuing a Doctorate at Miskatonic U” by Gary Cuba (pictured to the right)

Sins and Dust” by James Fadeley

If you’re a fan of Luke’s artwork, you’re likely to love the phenomenal cover he’s done for I Didn’t Break the Lamp: Historical Accounts of Imaginary Acquaintances. And we think you might like the stories inside too!


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