Awesome Finds: Indigenous Futurisms in Moonshot Series

Cover art for Moonshot volume 1We recently learned about the Moonshot indigenous comics collection, which already has two volumes, with a third one coming this summer! Focused on indigenous futurisms, the third volume will feature 15 stories by indigenous North American artists and authors. The article about the third volume explains that “Indigenous Futurisms is a method of storytelling that looks to the past in order to inform the present and future realities.”

The stories and art comes from a variety of indigenous groups, all of whom put a bit of their culture into their stories. One of the authors, Richard Van Camp, pointed out that “The beauty of Moonshot is that you have eight pages to tell the story and really celebrate your nation and your culture and your practices and your language so that all future generations can have it.”

If this sounds like the kind of comic you’re interested in reading, you can check out volume 1 or volume 2 now, with volume 3 to come!


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