Stories for a Delightful Thanksgiving

Pumpkins and moreAh, Thanksgiving. A day to consume food, visit with friends and/or family, and maybe watch some football, before taking an enormous nap. Or maybe that’s just us. If you’d rather spend your Thanksgiving curled up with some good stories, look no further! We’ve collected a few stories about food and family for your reading enjoyment!

Deddville” by Nicole Tanquary (a touching story about a mother and son and life after death)

Hollywood Cafe” by Tara Campbell (franchising opportunities for a unique restaurant)

Grandma Visits” by Shelly Jasperson (a funny story about the secrets Grandma took to her grave)

“Excerpts from the Diary of Theodore Miro, Competitor on CryptoChefs Season 2” by Zach Bartlett (a funny story about reality cooking shows) (available in MSJ Winter 2018)

“Lasagna with Legs” by Rich Knight (a funny story about food with a mind of its own) (available in MSJ Spring 2015)

“Oenophilia” by Megan Vogel (for the wine lovers out there) (available in MSJ Spring 2013)

“Turkey of Frankenstein” by Richard Zwicker (a Thanksgiving meal gone wrong) (available in MSJ Autumn 2012)


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