Women in Science: Mary Jackson

Mary Jackson

Mary Jackson at Work NASA Langley

As we lead up to the release of Battling in All Her Finery, we’re featuring a handful of women in science from history. Check back in the coming weeks to learn more about early women scientific leaders, and check out Battling in All Her Finery when it releases on October 16!

Mary Jackson was one of several African-American women integral to the early years of NASA as a mathematician and later as an engineer. Along with other African-American women, she helped to compute the information necessary for launching craft into space. She later took night classes to earn an advanced engineering degree and became the first African-American woman to be an engineer at NASA.

Mary Jackson, along with several of the other African-American “computers” at NASA are featured in the novel and movieĀ Hidden Figures. You can also learn more about Mary Jackson at Wikipedia.

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