Women in Science: Marie Curie

Marie Curie, ca. 1920sAs we lead up to the release of Battling in All Her Finery, we’re featuring a handful of women in science from history. Check back in the coming weeks to learn more about early women scientific leaders, and check out Battling in All Her Finery when it releases on October 16!

Marie Skłodowska Curie is known for her research in radioactivity, which made her the first woman to be issued a Nobel Prize, in 1903. She is also the only woman to have earned two Nobel Prizes, having earned them in both physics and chemistry, which also made her the only person to have earned Nobel Prizes in two scientific fields.

Her specific scientific achievements involved developing the theory of radioactivity, discovering two elements (polonium and radium), and developing mobile radiography units that could be used on battlefields during World War I. She worked on many of her projects with her husband, Pierre Curie, but continued her work after his death.

The Wikipedia article on Marie Curie is a great place to start learning more about her life and work!

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