Strange Science: Human Mutation

Mutant smash!Just how far-fetched are superheroes? What about mutants? The answer is: maybe not as out there as you think!

While humans might not develop the power of flight or telekinesis, there are a number of physical and mental mutations that aren’t too far off from powers possessed by superheroes. This article lists a number of people with physical mutations. And this article includes a few mental mutations as well.

However, it might not be all as awesome as the comic books and movies make it look. Some of these mutations do have serious downsides in addition to their benefits. Being super strong is great, but if it means you have to consume double the amount of food that a “normal” human of your age does, that could get expensive very quickly!

And at least one author suggests that technological advances and a generally safe living environment for many humans has rendered survival of the fittest less important, making the likelihood of humans mutating substantially without a significant outside force very slim.

Ah well, so much for our dreams of powers.

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