Strange Science: Fun Facts about Stars

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration does more than just launch spaceships. They also do a significant amount of research on our solar system and beyond. One of their key fields of research is on stars.

In addition to giving some basic information about the formation of stars, the NASA website also talks about the different types of stars and their lifespans–the smaller the star, the less heat it gives off, but the longer it lasts. And when these stars break down, there are plenty more things that can happen to them, including going supernova and/or becoming black holes. And then the whole process might just start again, depending on what’s left after the death of a star.

The NASA page on stars also includes links to some of NASA’s latest research, which at present includes stories on failed supernovae, cosmic rays, and a beautiful bubble of gas circling a star! If you’re looking to learn more about stars, the NASA page is a great place to look for fun facts and discoveries!

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