Strange Science: Top News from 2017 Regarding Heart Disease and Stroke Research

Heart ValvesEach year, the American Heart Association compiles a list of the latest news regarding heart disease and stroke research. While a good portion of the research is related to medications and studies of various populations and heart disease, some of the research is also quite novel.

Nature magazine published an article about genome editing being used to correct a gene mutation prior to birth. As the American Heart Association explains, “Researchers focused on the MYBPC3 gene – which provides instructions for making a protein found in heart muscle cells and causes a form of inherited hypertrophic cardiomyopathy – and used new approaches to allow safe and accurate correction of the abnormal gene. While early, this research furthers the potential for genome editing to correct mutations that pass from parent to child.”

You can read more about this research here. And you can read about all of the top research in 2017 here!


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