That Man Behind the Curtain: May 2018

Photo of name tags and books.

Dawn and Jeremy at an author event at Brick & Mortar Books.

May was mostly focused on finishing review of submissions for Battling in All Her Finery and getting the Summer 2018 quarterly together. Otherwise it was a pretty slow month in many ways.

The Money Aspect

Amounts in parentheses are losses/expenses.
Web Resources: (-$17.06)
Stories: (-$90.00)
Art: (-$360.01)
Advertising: (-$109.83)
Processing Fees: (-$6.09)
Printing: (-$19.26)
Donations: $86.71
Online Book Sales: $23.28

Total: (-$492.26)
QTD: (-$503.82)
YTD: (-$891.02)
All Time: (-$24,628.95)

As usual, I try to list costs for art and stories under the month that the stories run on the site rather than when I pay them. (This does not apply to special content for quarterlies, which does not have a specific month associated with it.) Sales are for sales when they take place, not when they’re¬†actually paid out to me. Online book sales reflect the royalties given after the retailer takes their cut. Physical book sales represent gross income, not counting the cost of the physical book. Donations include Patreon as well as other money sent to us outside of standard sales.

Printing costs for last month were for printing and rushing a proof copy of Summer 2018. Twice.

We didn’t have any conventions and sales were slow online. So not a lot of income this month.


We were closed to submissions in May. Our all time acceptance rate is 36.4%.


Below is the social media following we had at the end of May.

Patreon: 29 (-1)

Facebook: 1,974 (+77)

Twitter: 611 (+4)

Tumblr: 306 (+4)

Mailing List: 146 (+13)

Google+: 65 (+0)

Instagram: 117 (+11)


Last three months:

May 2018: 1,713 visits, 1,353 users, 2,512 page views, peak peak day of 82.
April 2018: 2,256 visits, 1,500 users, 3,871 page views, peak day of 110.
March 2018: 2,527 visits, 1,840 users, 3,616 page views, peak day of 217.

Last three Mays:

May 2017: 1,058 visits, 731 users, 1,865 pages views, peak day of 60 visits.
May 2016: 851 visits, 632 users, 1,408 page views, peak day of 55 visits.
May 2015: 1,467 visits, 1,097 users, 2,473 page views, peak day of 120 visits.

Slight drop in traffic since the call for submissions has ended. Because of the change in privacy policy, Google Analytics doesn’t have numbers from 2015. The numbers listed above are what I reported in the behind the scenes post from that year, but this was before I discovered that some of my traffic reporting was bogus due to weird spamming attempts.

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