• Strange Science: Genetics and Mental Development

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    Pair of teenage twinsScientists in the United States and Sweden recently completed a study of genetics and mental development, using twins and tracking eye movement.

    When young sets of twins were exposed to the same images, researchers tracking their eye movement found that identical twins tended to look at the images in the same way–focusing on the same parts in the same order, and holding their gaze on the same places for the same amount of time. The researchers found that this similarity was strong enough that they could match up a pair of twins simply by looking at the eye movement tracking information. Fraternal twins exhibited a greater divergence in their examinations of the images, though they still shared some similarities. From this, the researchers have determined that the closer genetics of identical twins are more significant than the shared environment of either type of twins.

    To read more about this study, check out this summary article!

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