Strange Science: A Galaxy with Little Dark Matter

GalaxiesGalaxies typically comprise a mix of ordinary matter and so-called “invisible” dark matter. Dark matter makes up most of the universe, and though it can’t be seen, its impact on ordinary matter shows scientists that it is there.

Recently, however, astronomers have identified a galaxy with almost no dark matter. The galaxy has been designated NGC1052-DF2, and it’s located 65 million light years away from Earth and the Milky Way.

Researchers examining the galaxy found that “By tracking the motion of 10 embedded star clusters, the team could determine how much mass is tucked into the galaxy. And surprisingly, it’s about the same amount of mass they’d expect to see from the galaxy’s stars alone.”

These findings have revealed two important things. One, dark matter is an optional part of galaxies, not a part that is always found. Two, the lack of dark matter in this galaxy actually helps prove its existence!

To learn more about NGC1052-DF2, check out this article!

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