Strange Science: The Disappearance of the Roman Ninth Legion

The Silchester eagle of the Roman Ninth LegionMass disappearances have happened throughout history, but one of the most curious is the disappearance of the Roman Ninth Legion from somewhere between what is now England and Scotland, in the second century A.D.

The Roman Ninth Legion was one of the most formidable forces of the Roman Army in Britain, which the Romans occupied for a period between about 43 and 410 A.D. Around approximately 109 A.D., the Roman Ninth Legion marched on Caldonia (modern day Scotland), and then disappear from the historical record.

Some historians believe that the legion may have been disbanded, relocated, or otherwise removed from Britain. Unfortunately, there’s no documentary evidence for that possibility. Others think that perhaps they could have been wiped out by the Scotsmen they were sent to attack. The main factor that suggests the Ninth was not wiped out by the Scotsmen is the lack of archaeological evidence for such a slaughter.¬†Still others ascribe more otherworldly explanations to their disappearance. And while those explanations can’t be disproven, they certainly can’t be proven either.

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