• MSJ Alum McColley Involved with a New Form of Digital Storytelling

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    Cover art for HarridanMSJ alum John A. McColley has just published the first episode of a serial novel. EntitledĀ Harridan: Sacrificial Lamb, this serial begins the story of Harridan, an internet reporter whose work is tied up in the supernatural and unusual. According to McColley, “It’s an occult detective/urban fantasy/mystery story about a reporter whose life has been dominated by the weird and unbelievable. She’s kind of a female Kolchak the Nightstalker, only with a website instead of an editor, and a lot more basic understanding of supernatural stuff.”

    Pro Se Productions will be publishing other episodes of this serial novel, along with episodes from three other serial novels, on a rotating basis. To find out more about this and other writing projects, check out John’s Patreon!

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