That Man Behind the Curtain: September 2014

In September, we had the last of our Kickstarter costs, so we dumped out a whole lot of money. Plus we spent money on classified ads for the next couple quarterlies, which was another chunk of costs.

The Money Aspect

Amounts in parentheses are losses/expenses.
Hosting: ($17.06)
Domain Name Renewal: ($60.72)
Stories: ($130)
Art: ($334.40)
Advertising: ($100.00)
Shipping: ($474.63)
Payment Processing Fees: ($14.34)
Donations: $51.00
Ad Revenue: $0.91
Book Sales: $124.66
Total: ($954.58)
QTD: ($2,831.79)
YTD: ($2,265.46)
All Time: ($9,778.03)

As per usual, I try to list costs for art and stories under the month that the stories run on the site rather than when I pay them. I also cover Paypal expenses when paying authors and artists.

We had additional That Ain’t Right expenses, mainly in the form of shipping ALL THE BOOKS. On the bright side, we made record sales for books–five times our previous high point.


We received 35 stories in September, 14 of which were classified ads. (Most from new authors!!) We accepted all of the classifieds and 10 of the other submissions. So 47.62% acceptance for the general submissions, 68.57% for the month as a whole. This puts us at 54.94% for all time. We have sufficient content to last us until early September 2015. Because our contract stipulates that we have to publish the story within a year of signing the contract, that’s really almost all we can accept. So we’re closed for submissions for the remainder of the year.


Facebook: 855 (+10)
Twitter: 338 (+15)
Google+: 43 (+0)
Tumblr: 38 (+8)
Mailing List: 21 (+3)
Patreon: 6 (+0)


September was a bit up from August. We had a total of 1,377 visits. Our traffic consisted of 848 users and 2,782 page views. Our highest daily traffic was 81.

This month’s search engine term is “glow in the dark ghost from chicken wire”. Because we take things back to basics.

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