That Man Behind the Curtain: April 2014

Oh my goodness, what a month. Let’s look at some numbers.

The Money Aspect

Amounts in parentheses are losses/expenses.

Hosting: ($17.06)
Stories: ($110.00)
Art: ($200.00)
Advertising: ($39.99)
Paypal Fees: ($0.15)
Donations: $0.00
Ad Revenue: $1.48
Book Sales: $23.60
Total: ($342.12)
QTD: ($342.12)
YTD: $1,684.38
All Time: ($5,828.19)

As per usual, I try to list costs for art and stories under the month that the stories run on the site rather than when I pay them. I also cover Paypal expenses when paying authors and artists.

Sales were remarkably good, especially those through Amazon. I’ve begun dabbling a little with advertising on Twitter, plus we still have some attention on us through the Kickstarter. 


In April we received 13 regular submissions, and a whopping 25 additional submissions for the anthology. The total submissions for the anthology was 31. Of the regular submissions, we accepted 6 (46%). Of the anthology submissions we accepted 11 (35.5%). This puts our all-time acceptance rate at 54.26%.

This gives us enough content for the site through mid-January 2015.


Google Analytics has changed some of their terminology. We had a total of 1,552 “sessions.” Which I think is what they called visits before. Our traffic consisted of 1,015 “users” (which I think is what was once called “unique visitors”) and 3,036 page views. Our highest daily traffic was 129. So a bit down from the excitement of the Kickstarter month, but not by a lot.

April’s search engine phrase of the month is “why r scientist considere as mad.” Because I want this anonymous person to feel ashamed of their horrible grammar.

That’s all for this month.

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