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That Ain't Right: Historical Accounts of the Miskatonic ValleyWe’ve gotten all the contracts back and paid all the authors, so we feel comfortable sending out a bit more information about what the book will include. Because we were more successful than planned, but didn’t hit a new stretch goal, we decided to roll that money into more content for the book. The book now weighs in at about 80,000 words with 18 tales set in the witch-haunted hills of New England.

We haven’t decided on a final order for the stories, but here’s a full list of stories organized by author name. Over the next month or so we’ll be getting stories edited and back from authors for approval. We’ll have another month of laying out both the ebooks and print books, then a month of printing and shipping rewards!

  • “Come Down, Ma Evening Star” – Sanford Allen
  • “Hostel Night” – Brandon Barrows
  • “Arkquarium” – Folly Blaine
  • “In Defense of Professor Falcrovet” – Darin M. Bush
  • “Ride into the Echo of Another Life” – Kelda Crich
  • “Goat” – Nathan Crowder
  • “Dr. Circe and the Shadow over Swedish Innsmouth” – Erik Scott de Bie
  • “The Pull of the Sea” – Sean Frost
  • “The Ghost Circus” – Phil Gonzales
  • “The Reservoir” – Brian Hamilton
  • “So Praise Him” – Samuel Marzioli
  • “A Dog Named Shallow: The Testimony of Lilya Redmond” – Erick Mertz
  • “The Crumbling of Old Walls” – Craig D. B. Patton
  • “August and Autumn” – Jenna M. Pitman
  • “Passenger” – Evan Purcell
  • “The Hill” – Damir Salkovic
  • “A Matter of Scale” – Emily C. Skaftun
  • “The Laughing Book” – Cliff Winnig
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