Our Penultimate Featured Writer!

Just about a week left. We’ve crossed two of our stretch goals! We’ve added reward tiers featuring author Sanford Allen, and I’ve got descriptions of those rewards in the main Kickstarter area if you want more details. But for now, let’s check out our next author in our series.

“The landscape, while alien, reminded me of my native Miskatonic Valley. Rolling hills stood in the same basic configuration, covered in the elms, willows, and pines of home, but the stone had the pale shade of the blocks back in Special Collections. And the sky…

“Though cloudless, it stretched chalk white from horizon to horizon. The sun, if that’s what it truly was, could barely be distinguished — a bright sphere of white surrounded by the deadwhite sky. I tore my gaze away. It felt as if that star might seep it into my soul and drain my life and energy as it had the sky’s.

“Naturally, I recognized it all from my dreams.”

-­- “The Laughing Book” by Cliff Winnig

Cliff Winnig’s contribution to the anthology has more of a Clark Ashton Smith feel in spots, a tale of alternate realities and strange fantasy. He’s the other Clarion graduate we have in this book (so far), and he has several pieces of short fiction available in the world, including a recent story in When the Hero Comes Home 2 titled “The Call of the Sky.” And he plays sitar. As one does.

He shares a stretch goal at the $7,000 mark with Erik Scott de Bie, where we will add books featuring tales from both of them to the reward tiers. Can we make it that far in the next week?

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