Let Me Tell You About Folly Blaine

We’re continuing to creep towards our next stretch goal. Thank you to everyone who has pledged so far or taken time to help spread the word. It is sometimes a little overwhelming to see that much support for a project like this. Before I start getting maudlin on you guys, let’s talk about another of our authors.

“Growing up in Arkham, you hear things. Ghost stories wrapped in magickal moon lore with a heaping helping of elder gods and forbidden books, all swapped between boys and girls over dwindling campfires. We collected alternate histories like kids on TV traded baseball cards. As a child of Arkham, you just took for granted you lived in a special town, but seeing that difference up close and personal, in the place where you gave up evenings and weekends so college admissions might think you were well¬≠rounded and responsible, well, seeing that kind of truth was an awful big shock.”
–“Arkquarium” by Folly Blaine

Folly Blaine is our other alumni from the pages of Mad Scientist Journal that has joined the fun. While most of her contributions to our zine have been wacky shorts that draw off of her natural wit, she has quite a horror portfolio. And she did not pull any punches with her contribution to our anthology. As an added bonus, Folly’s the Podcast Manager of¬†EveryDayFiction.com. Not only has she narrated over 80 stories for weekly podcasts, but she donated audio narration of someone’s fiction as a reward tier in our Kickstarter. If you’re on the fence about whether you want to spring for her narration, treat your ears to some speculative tales at EveryDayFiction.com.

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