Another Preview of our Kickstarter Authors!

As we chug along through the month, I thought we could spotlight another of our authors who will have a story in our anthology.

“Many of the older families of the Miskatonic Valley have shields with lions or gryphons or other beasts. Ours–­­it’s sort of a symbol. It has a few sharp lines that seem familiar, like a rune or Cyrillic or Chinese character (but it’s not­–­trust me, I’ve looked). It’s bulbous and symmetrical and yet deeply wrong. It resembles an animal if you squint a certain way. If you ignore biology and allow for tentacles to replace most other body parts. If you accept that eyes are windows to the bottomless, meaningless, dark, soul ­devouring depths of space.”
— “A Matter of Scale” by Emily C. Skaftun

We first encountered Emily C. Skaftun when she submitted a story for our second quarterly collection ever. Not only is she a great writer with an impressive resume (including having attended the Clarion West Writer’s Workshop), but she also dabbles in roller derby (sport of the future) and is the managing editor of Norwegian American Weekly. Her story for this anthology is both tender and strange, a tale of love and family against a backdrop of the weird.

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