Mad Scientist Journal now on Amazon!

After some technical delay, we finally have all four collections of Mad Scientist Journal available on Amazon! I’m hoping that breaking into the Amazon market will help offset the costs of operation. Even if you have no interest  in buying it, please at least take some time to help improve visibility: write a review, add it to your wishlist, send friends links. Mad Scientist Journal is not the first thing to come up when you search for “Mad Scientist Journal”, so any help you can give would be much appreciated. Here are the links for the books:

For those curious why it’s taken so long, the short version is:

I went with Smashwords because it seemed easier to get the ebook together through their Meatgrinder. Especially since our ebooks required at least some graphics. And Smashwords says it distributes to a bunch of retailers, including Amazon.

But it turns out that distribution to Amazon has been on hold until Amazon sets up a bulk upload option for Smashwords. After a year, this has not happened. So I bit the bullet and figured out how to get this done.

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