That Man Behind the Curtain: December 2012

Hello. I’m back from a week long whirlwind tour of the Midwest. I fell a little behind on Mad Scientist Journal due to limited access to the Internet. So this is coming a little late and work on the Autumn 2012 collection is also delayed. We have some fun new stuff for this collection, though, so I’ll be putting out some teaser info while I frantically try to prepare the book.

The Money Aspect

Amounts in parentheses are losses/expenses.

Hosting: ($17.06)
Stories: ($180.00)
Art: ($150.00)
Advertising: ($82.99)
Paypal Fees: ($17.66)
Donations: $5
Ad Revnue: $0.34
Books Sales: $9.95
Total: ($432.42)
QTD: ($880.44)
YTD: ($3,110.30)
All Time: ($3,216.05)

As per usual, I try to list costs for art and stories under the month that the stories run on the site rather than when I pay them. I also cover Paypal expenses when paying authors and artists.

The main thing of note is that we paid a bunch of the authors who have provided exclusive content for the Autumn 2012 collection. We have four stories exclusive to the collection, plus our classified ads. We have not yet paid the author of our new advice column.


Since NaNoWriMo threw off some of my reporting, here’s a recap going back to October.

In October we recevied 27 submissions: Five exclusives, one classified, 21 regular submissions. Of that, we accepted nine (one exclusive, one classified, seven regular). We also asked one of the declined exclusives for permission to use it in the regular content. There were so many good ones, we were torn between money and awesome. Only 33% acceptance for October.

November, I can now say that of our 18 submissions we accepted five (two exclusives, two classifieds, one regular). One was withdrawn by the submitter. So about a 66% acceptance rate for November.

And in December, we received 23 submissions. Eight classified ads, four more exclusive submissions for the anthology, and eleven regular submissions. We accepted 11 (one exclusive, seven classifieds, three regular submissions). One of the declined exclusives we invited to use as a regular submission. One of the regular submissions we declined, we asked for a rewrite. About a 48% acceptance rate for December.

All told, a 54% acceptance rate. We have enough stories to get us through April.


December had a total of 1,432 visits, up a bit from last month. Our traffic consisted of 1,076 unique visitors and 2,432 page views. Our highest daily traffic was a staggering 239 visits. Not our highest daily visit or our best performing month, but over all around the second or third highest.

Facebook was our biggest source of traffic by a healthy margin.

There were many fine search phrases, most of them involving unicorn remains. The winner for December’s Search of the Month has got to be “guy’s chest covered in lipstick.”

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