Special Call for Submissions: Autumn Edition

As we get the hang of this whole production schedule thing, we are getting better at knowing how to plan ahead. Things went pretty well with our Summer 2012 collection. But now we look ahead and realize we have a huge kink in our production schedule: National Novel Writing Month. While certainly not all writers will be doing NaNo (as the cool kids call it), I imagine it will be enough that it will eat a chunk out of potential submissions. And since Dawn and I participate every year, it will take a chunk out of our production schedule.

So we’re starting the submissions period a little earlier and running it a little later. From now until December 15th, we are accepting submissions for our Autumn 2012 collection in the following categories:

– Classified Ads: 100-500 words of fictional classifieds by and/or for mad scientists. Ideally there will be a story suggested. We are fine with just something fun. $5+royalties

– Original Fiction: Rather than the “essays” and similar narratives that we normally post to the site, we are looking for the sort of fiction that mad scientist readers will want to enjoy. Though we as editors have a bias towards SF/F, we will consider almost any genre so long as it’s fun to read. We only ask that you avoid gratuitous sex or violence. We aren’t looking for erotica, splatterpunk or the like. We pay $10 for flash (500-2000) and $20 for short fiction (2000-8000). Both options get a share of royalties and a high likelihood of having your name on the cover.

For more information on submitting to us, check out our Submissions page!

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