Special Call for Submissions

While I’m working on getting the Spring 2012 collection out ASAP, I’m also looking to get things going for the Summer 2012. I have a dream of getting it together by the end of September and so we’re putting out the call a little earlier in the quarter in hopes of meeting that goal.

Along those lines, we now have TWO special calls for submissions. Full details are on our Submissions page but here’s the TL;DR version.

The first is a return to the fictional classified ads. We had a lot of fun with those last time and we’d like to do it again. 100-500 word submissions of one or more classified ads, by/for mad scientists. We’re paying $5 + a share of royalties. We’re accepting about ten or so.

The second is exclusive fiction. These are not constrained by the usual conceit of “essays.” This is the Fiction section you might find in magazines like Playboy or the long dead Omni. This is fiction included to appeal to mad scientist readers, or possibly their non-mad-scientist family members. We will take any genre, so long as it doesn’t contain excessive sex or violence. My mother might read this, so I want to be able to look her in the eye. This second call is split up into Flash and Short fiction lengths, with separate forms for each, and we’ll pay the same as we would for content for the site. We hope to accept two or three.

We ask that these submissions be in by September 7th. It’s a little snug, but I’m sure many of you writers have stories that are looking for a home already.

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