Some newsly bits

Just a quick note to let you guys know about some small changes done to the site.

I’ve added a few social media thingies, so each story will have a link to share it. If you like the stories you read here, and want to see more of them, please share the stories so that more people can join them. This whole project relies on people knowing about it. Obscurity will not see this through. So if you are so inclined, spread the word.

I have also added a donate button. Currently I fund this out of pocket. It isn’t horribly expensive, but it isn’t free either. In the long term I will probably have some small, tasteful ad space. But Project Wonderful wants much more content on the site before they approve it. Until then, and maybe even after, I’ll have the donate button available if people want to at least offset some of the expenses.

Finally, I have updated the submission guidelines. The big thing that I’ve included is that I’m now expanding submissions to include artists. If you would like to illustrate the stories on Mad Scientist Journal, check out what we ask of people on our Submissions page.

You may now go back to your regular goofing off at work.

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