Not long now…

Sorry for being quiet of late. We aren’t really ones to make noise for the sake of noise, so we’ve just been chugging along with submissions, sending out contracts, editing manuscripts. There’s nothing really exciting about this process, aside from some awesome stories, so there hasn’t been a whole lot to say. We could have commented on the perspective that reading slush has given us as writers, but we also don’t want to be the editors who trash talk people who submit to them. Still, some people equate silence with death. So here is a bit of stuff we can share.

Our plan is to have one story come out every Monday. Our first story, “The Dissection of Marcus Wade,” (by Kathryn Board as Abigail Figg) will go live April 2nd. Depending on how money things go, we may add other types of content: reviews by mad scientists, flash fiction, etc.

Longer term, our goal is to collect stories into a quarterly ebook format (Mad Scientist Quarterly) and hopefully a yearly collection (Mad Scientist Annual) in some kind of print format.

So while you wait with bated breath for our stories to start arriving, enjoy a peek at the art that goes with “The Dissection of Marcus Wade.”

The Dissection of Marcus Wade

Inside the pickle jar was...something. I crossed the room to get a closer look.

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